Elie Saab and Warrior Queens

Elie Saab and Warrior Queens Game of Thrones were on the catwalk.

Elie Saab and Warrior Queens

Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Paris Haute Couture Week  Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Paris Haute Couture Week, 1950s Holywood Glow And Guo Pei, Maison Marfiela And Modern Touches, The Pulse Of Fashion Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, which we can call the most prestigious fashion weeks in the world, took place recently. In this organization, which directs elegance dress trends, the underlying fashion brands showed the 2019-2020 Fall / Winter and 2020 Spring / Summer collections. Creations dominated by handcrafting and showing off are under the spotlight in this article.

  Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Romantic Rodarte Woman

American luxury fashion brand Rodarte, founded by Kate and Laura Mulleavy in Los Angeles in 2005, was on the podium with romantic haute couture dresses dominated by white, baby pink and powder colors in the 2020 Spring / Summer collection. The podium, which was transformed into a flower garden, featured maxi-length tulle-layered and floral print dresses in the collection that emphasized modern feminism. The combinations were completed with bow belts, bracelets and heart maximalist accessories. Romantic goddesses were created with crown and hair accessories made of real flowers.   Paris Haute Couture Haftası   Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Giambattista Valli And New Generation Princesses

In the 2019 Fall / Winter collection of 51-year-old Italian designer Giambattista Valli, who released her first collection of her name in 2005, the short and long back tulle princess cup silhouettes were on the podium. Fluffy maxi-length elegant dresses were in contrast with plain comfortable ballerinas.   Paris Haute Couture Haftası   Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Parisienne Chanel Woman Under Eiffel

Chanel, one of the most prestigious of the high fashion brands, who preferred to display each new collection with a different concept in Grand Palais in Paris, this time almost moved the Eiffel Tower to Grand Palais. Always adhering to the memory and style of Coco Chanel, Chanel used black, gray, white, gold and beige colors, which are Coco’s favorite colors at the Fall / Winter 2019 Couture Show. The combinations were complemented by colorfully distinctive eye makeup, button-shaped pearl earrings and fedora style hats.   Paris Haute Couture Haftası   Paris Haute Couture Haftası   Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Elie Saab and Warrior Queens

53-year-old Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab made her first design by designing a dress for her 9-year-old sister. In the 2019-2020 Fall / Winter Haute Couture collection, silhouettes leaping out of Game of Thrones were on the catwalk. In the maxi creations where the fine provincial interiors were dominant, there were gold crown-shaped hair accessories that complemented the “warrior queens” concept. Belts that emphasize the waist line were used in dresses that modernized the Middle Age.   Paris Haute Couture Haftası   Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Dior Woman in Autumn

The 2019-2020 Fall / Winter fashion show, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new designer of Christian Dior since last year, was presented at Les Invalides in a magnificent exotic fund prepared by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo. In the background of the world, the tiger, elephant, giraffe, eagle, crocodile and monkey were entering the depths of Asian forests with exotic animal sculptures made of wood.   Paris Haute Couture Haftası   This year, autumn, textures, fabrics and colors traditionally used for Dior women were bought and feminine and soft silhouettes were created. In this regard, Dior continues with the motto “de-gender”. Paris Haute Couture Haftası

The 1950s Holywood Flash and Guo Pei

Chinese designer Guo Pei exhibited the 2019-2020 Fall / Winter Haute Couture collection at Hotel Salomon de Rothschild. The creations referring to the Holywood looks of the 1950s were completed with Chopard’s extravagant necklaces. Gold embellishments embellished fluffy prom dresses, and strapless bust detailed dresses in vibrant colors such as red and emerald green were also included in the collection.   Paris Haute Couture Haftası

Maison Marfiela And Modern Touches

Founded in Paris in 1988, Maison Margiela’s 2019-2020 Fall / Winter Haute Couture fashion show consisted of sophisticated and sometimes fetishist silhouettes. “Artisanal” dominated effortlessly in the collection. The transparent raincoats and metallic gold cowboy boots worn over wool suits complemented the combinations. The creations, dominated by indigo blue, gold, black and nude shades, were presented with nude makeup complete with red lipstick.   Paris Haute Couture Haftası